What Is Android Rooting?

What Is Android Rooting?

In simple words rooting Android means getting access to the root of an Android device. As you know in mobiles and electronic gadgets there are software installed on the internal storage called the system storage. The area or drive where the system files are stored are called the root drives similarly like in a personal computer we have our windows installed on C drive which is root drive.


In Android phones also there is storage area which is called the device root where Android operating system files are stored. By default almost in all phones this root drive is protected and users can not make major changes to manipulate the settings of their Android device. When we say rooting it means manipulating the system default settings and getting access to the root drive which makes you able to do lot of things which otherwise you may not be able to do.

To do the rooting of Android phones you need to install few software tools that are available on the internet free of cost. You must be very careful while doing the rooting of your Android device.

Benefits Of Rooting Android Phones


There are many benefits of rooting Android phones, which may be equally useful for all Android users. One common thinking is that the rooting will increase the speed of your device which is right in a sense that some custom ROM’s when used on certain devices may increase performance of your rooted Android phones.

Some of the benefits of rooting Android phones include ability to access more apps, preserve battery life, faster performance, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth tethering, custom ROMs installation and many more. In addition to above benefits rooting an Android smartphone makes you able to remove major restrictions on your Android operating systems by the hardware manufacturers.

Android Apps are an essential part of today’s smartphones, there are hundreds of thousands of Android apps which you can use for making cool changes or tweaking your screen, displaying different custom messages, blocking advertisements, changing location of clock, changing color of status bar etc. By default these apps are blocked by the Android operating system and to get benefit of these cool apps you will have to root your Android phone.

Similarly use of custom ROMs is another benefit of rooting Android phones, a custom ROM will allow you to completely modify or change the interface of your Android smartphone or Android tablet. The famous custom ROM’s are CyanogenMod or MIUI which help you make your Android smartphone or tablet interface smarter and beautiful.

Now a days there are many large sized games which take lots of space for installation therefore you must need to root your device for installing them on SD card which you can increase and replace whenever you want. In summary rooting an Android phone gives you access to the hidden or locked files of Android operating system which you can easily manipulate or replace by using different tools. If you are aware of jailbreak in iOS devices i.e. iPhone, the rooting is equivalent to the jailbreaking. On a rooted device you can install some faster ROM’s which are compatible with your Android devices resulting faster performance hence longer battery life.

you can use framaroot to root your device.

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